Services in Koper-Capodistria and its surroudings:
  • – taxi passenger transportation
  • – organized taxi services and removals at various events
  • – transport items to the selected location
  • – business taxi services and their business partners
  • – possibility of an organized taxi services workforce
  • – rental van (van 8+1)

For valuable customers we opened a new head office in business building Behive in in Koper-Capodistria, Ankaranska 7. We further improve the quality of our services with the help new office, advanced electronic technology and our knowledge.

Tracking and rapid examination all Taxi Srečko vehicles, we use tracking system from Izola, which allows us a quick overview of occupancy vehicles, their location and distance.

Do you have special requirements?

Call the private number of the owner of the Taxi service +38641 681 834 (Gregor Lorbek).
What information do we need ?
  • estimated number of people that will be transported
  • the destination of the travel.
  • special wishes like dresscode
  • special driver skills