• In the event that services ordered are no longer required, please inform us this will allow us to higher quality and faster work.

  • Reservations can be made for several days in advance or for more pre-agreed terms. Call the phone number: 00386 (0)31 386000 or (0)40 386000

  • The price of taxi service consists of entries, price per kilometer and the waiting time. (see Table Price List) (glej tabelo Rates). Price value is always displayed on the taximeter. Upon completion of service to you the driver is obliged to issue a bill.

  • TAXI SREČKO company vehicles identified by the label (yellow taxi sign on the roof and the inscription of the name, status and title companies on both sides of the car). The taximeter (calibrated and sealed at the Office for Metrology, equipped with a printer to print the account) and the list (attached in a conspicuous place on board.

Do you have special requirements?

Call the private number of the owner of the Taxi service +38641 681 834 (Gregor Lorbek).
What information do we need ?
  • estimated number of people that will be transported
  • the destination of the travel.
  • special wishes like dresscode
  • special driver skills